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One of the most distinctive symbols of the Biennale is the Outdoor section, the beating heart of the event with monumental cardboard sculptures. The works are made during a residence in which the chosen artists are hosted for a month in Lucca, to realize his monumental sculpture. The artists hosted, meet daily in a workshop where they have at their disposal the material, equipment and all the support they need in order to realize their artistic vision. This opportunity allows to compare the different cultures and technical knowledge of each artist.
At the beginning of the event the works are located in the beautiful squares of Lucca, becoming a real wonderful attraction for all visitors to the city.

The call for the 10th Edition of Lucca Biennale includes as its theme "Fear and Desire", a dualism studied and developed by artists to give life to unique works. For 2021 there are 6 artists selected from all over the world. Curious to know them? Find out who they are!


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From August 1 to September 26


Who? What? How? 


  • Amber Dohrenwend


    Amber Dohrendwend

    Sleep Walker

    Amber Dohrenwend is an American artist based in Tokyo, Japan. She constructs post-consumer cardboard sculptures, costuming and installations with soft, organic curves and textures. Her technique transmits a feeling of transparency and levity through the cardboard and the material is unexpectedly transformed from something flat and lifeless into something much warmer and more alive. She sees cardboard as the perfect medium for creating objects that can exist in a moment, meet people where they are, and then be reduced to material again.


    For the Biennale she has created a work titled, "Sleep walker," which imagines form and movement in the space that exist between the extremes of fear and desire.


    Amber Dohrenwend


  • Ankon Mitra


    Ankon Mitra

    Clouds of illusion 

    Ankon Mitra is an architect and artist of international repute. Recipient of the All-India Gold Medal for Sculpture in 2018 and the Lexus Design Award for Craft Design in 2020, his work has been exhibited in India, Italy, France, UK, USA, Japan and most recently the Shanghai International Paper Art Biennale in 2019. He is a finalist at the Arte Laguna in Venice, a TEDx speaker and a warrior for 'making connections across disciplines', with 'Oritecture = Origami + Architecture', Mitra shares a unique vision of a universe forming and dissolving from acts of folding. He is also a recipient of the Outdoor Award of Lucca Biennale in the previous edition of 2018. 


    The work that will be presented at the Biennale 2021 represents a cloud made of money that floats over our entire living existence. We never got rid of it; almost nothing we do is spared from the power and influence of these clouds. It is the oil that moves human civilization. Viewers walk through a dense forest of clouds made of money, immersed and lost in illusion, not realizing that money has taken their imagination completely, and has become the most important element that feeds reality. 


    Ankon Mitra


  • Claudio Acuña


    Claudio Acuña

    First of all, movement

    Claudio Acuña Jiménez is a Designer, Artist and University professor. His works stand out for using paper and its derivatives as a support, studying and perfecting the technique of origami and sculpture, He has developed his own techniques highlighting paper and its possibilities, becoming recognizable. In 2010, he created the "Paper Factory" Project as a way of creating large-scale projects in public spaces, with the theme of representing the human being and his life in society.


    The work to be done at the Lucca Biennale is a large-format installation, which will invite reflection on social behavior; that forces us to take a side when making decisions and how those decisions when multiplied are those that generate movements, which define the ways of life today.


    Claudio Acuña 

  • Emma Hardy


    Emma Hardy

    Risky Rewards 

    Emma Hardy was born in Lincolnshire, England, where she attended London's Wimbledon School of Art. After traveling extensively, she settled in a small mountain Colorado town, Boulder, where she has lived for 25 years. She is a practicing artist who uses a variety of mediums. In recent years she has focused on sculpture and sculptural installations mainly in paper and recycled materials. Some of her works have been exhibited in various public places including Denver International Airport, the Shelburne Museum in Vermont and Burning Man in Nevada.


    Risky Rewards looks to emphasize the emotions of fear and desire through an interaction between a young woman and a mother dog. The need for the dog to provide for her puppies and the woman's desire to help conflicts with the primordial fear of personal injury creating a tension that poses the question : "What are we willing to risk?".





  • Matteo Raciti e Officina Chiodo Fisso


    Matteo Raciti e Officina Chiodo Fisso


    Matteo Raciti is an artist of Sicilian origins who, after earning a Master's Degree in Architecture at the University of Catania in 2015, began his career as a sculptor. Sculpture for him is a way to tell stories, to give voice and eternity to his land and to everything that characterizes his gaze towards the world. Since 2017 he has been making itinerant papier-mâché sculptures for the Viareggio Carnival and is part of the artistic collective "INTRECCIArte" of Pietrasanta. Current events, social satire and fantasy certainly distinguish his work.


    Emanuele Radicchi is an iron, wood and papier-mâché craftsman of Apulian origins who, after attending the School of Carpentry and Restoration (ATANOR) in Bologna, created in 2017 the "space of his ideas", or the OfficinaChiodoFisso ( BA). In 2019 Alessio Verdolino joins him as a partner. After graduating in Architectural Sciences at the Roma Tre University, he obtained a Master's in Advanced Architecture at the Univeristat Politecnica de Catalunya.


    Fear and desire for Matteo Raciti, Emanuele Radicchi and Alessio Verdolino is Hybris. The ambitious arrogance, typical of the archaic Greek world, which leads man to go beyond his own limits, to challenge fate and the gods, to overcome the most hidden fears, to rebel against the established order, in order not to betray its nature. Eyes of the supreme are watching every movement carefully and when man, blinded by greed, oversteps the limit and fails, he incurs what is called "envy of the gods" (fthònos theòn). At the same time those who do not exploit their abilities approach the world of beasts. This guilt brings society back to limbo, engulfs the intuition, resizes every momentum, destroying the personal drive. The desperate and provocative flight of Icarus is the moving image of the individual need to reach a dream, a desire as unattainable as the sun, the extreme mirage that pushes each of us to go beyond judgment to honor our own existence.


    matteo.raciti  officinachiodofisso


  • Papier Atelier


    Papier Atelier 


    The Paper Atelier is an artistic duo composed by Türker Akman, who studied architecture and Deniz Yılmaz Akman who instead studied sociology. Together, they are creating paper sculptures and installations.


    While thinking about the theme "Fear&Desire", the story of "1001 Nights" appeared in their minds. And focused on Shahryar's dilemma about the fear of being cheated on and the desire to hear the end of the never-ending tales of Scheherazade. They decided to reflect this in-between situation with a wire walker scene. The fear of falling down and desire to hear the end of the tales push Shahryar to walk across the wire. The artists want to reflect on two different fear factors with this piece. Firstly, the character's hardly balancing posture will reflect the fear of falling. Secondly, the viewer's fear of passing under the massive looking sculpture.


    Papier Atelier


  • Sebastian Blomqvist


    Sebastian Blomqvist 

    Crossing borders 

    The artist have been experimenting with cardboard and papier mâché as a sculpting medium for about eight years. He has evolved a strong interest in exploring architecture and the anatomy of the human body using only cardboard these days.


    For Lucca Biennale 2021 he will build a bull, using architectural elements existing in the city of Lucca to emphasize the story that has inspired him: the greek myth of Europa. Europa was a princess, in what is now Syria and Lebanon. In the myth, Zeus, disguised as a bull, takes the princess across the Mediterranean sea, hence creating the cultural seed that has become the western civilisation. Europa was in a way a refugee, escaping the rage of the goddess Hera, and the bull as the vessel that made her journey possible. The artist find interesting, the way that the myth reminds us today about the refugees making the same journey to the ports of Europe.


    Sebastian Blomqvist


  • TOMA!



    The Amazon

    María Dolores del Sol Ontalba & Antonio Nardozzi collaborate on both research in the field of architecture and in the analysis of complex geometries and technics through TOMA!, a building workshop where most of their work is based on the application of experimental concepts to design and architecture at any scale. Backed by their distinct paths and various experiences, in a continuous exchange and confrontation, they try to enrich each other by encouraging further common thinking. Over the years, TOMA! [team of manufacturers architects] allowed them to share ideas and points of view on architecture and the most urgent social issues related to it.


    The work presented for Lucca Biennale 2021, shows a large forest where we find that trees are made from the remains of cardboard boxes. Fear and desire coexist together in a small artificial forest. Those boxes that populate our homes and we can't wait to open, often contain objects of desire induced by consumerism and advertisements, superfluous objects protected by a precious material such as paper. In the current scenario of deforestation and strong climatic changes, the amazon wants to make people think about the thin thread that binds desire and fear, consumption and pollution, useful and useless.





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City Center, Lucca. 


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The 10th Edition of Lucca Biennale will be held for the first time in an odd year from August 1 to September 26, 2021.

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