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An event in an event 2016 | InDoor exhibition "Borders and Perspectives"

When: from 31st July to the 4th September

Curated by: Emiliano Galigani and Giacomo Pecchia

The InDoor Exhibition has featured art pieces by some of the best artists in the contemporary paper art scene, about 100 works made with different materials and techniques, created using paper and cardboard.

The location of the entire exhibition was Palazzo Ducale, a historical building and one of the most important landmarks of the city of Lucca. An exhibition of international artists open to everyone, universally beautiful and comprehensible. The fascinating world of paper has a lot to give and express.

  • Silvia Beltrami

    Born in Rome in 1974, she graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brera, Milan. Her work is marked by an original use of materials and supports, such as paper and wood. She creates collages of paper from different sources applied on plaster, like a torn fresco.

  • Stefano Baroni

    Born in Viareggio, his work is far from figurative and close to a symbolic represantation of reality through digital means. He has exhibited his work at the 54th Venice Biennale.

  • Gabriele Palandri

    Born in Pistoia in 1970, his favourite tool is a ball pen, with which he is exploring new paths in the world of figurative arts, expressing a concept through an image in a deeper, wider way.

  • Carta Couture

    Carta Couture is a visual arts project that combines art, fashion and craftmanship, conceived and directed by the photographer JERRY LEE INGRAM. The photographs portray a model, Isabella Vasen, dressed in replicas of iconic clothing items by stylists such as Valentino, Pierre Cardin or Dior, from the '50s to the '80s. The original clothes have been captured by legendary photographers such as Richard Avedon, Bert Stern and Giampaolo Barbieri, modelled by film stars and top models alike. Ingram has received the support of Blender studios to recreate the effect of the original fashion items using different kinds of paper and methods, studying the styling with the help of Allegra Montantelli. When it comes to clothing and accessory choices, the stylist Hylozoic took care of styling and organizing the shooting. In occasion of the famous stylist Alessandro Gaggio's exhibition, he's created an original fashion piece: a dress made of tissue paper.

  • Eszter Bornemisza

    She lives in Bucarest, a source of continuous inspiration for her and her works – her research covers the history of civilization and experimentation of the artistic means.

  • Vassilis Perros

    Born in Athens in 1981, his work was bought by private art collectors in Greece and throughout the world. He lives and works in Athens.

  • Consuelo Zatta

    Born in Treviso, his brave sea creatures face life with tenacity, transmitting a sense of joy and hope. Compositions made of paper and cardboard, handmade using strips of paper and later applying colour.

  • Alice Steinmetz

    A young French artist, her creative works explore the female figure using paper and light, along with a mixture of styles such as moulds and drawings.

  • Hans Meertens

    Born in Holland in 1975, he graduated in Utrecht,and his art pieces focus on paper cut outs and can be seen in new York galleries, in Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Berlin. They're inspired by photographic portraits of war veterans.

  • Anastasia Zisi

    Born in Athens, her pieces incolve a combined technique of hand made paper, felt and wire, to create figures of childhood and innocence.

  • Florence Mc Ewin

    Born in Boston,USA, her pieces feature reality, interpretation and imagination which are metaphors that melt into one another, transforming it's contentinto something new.

  • Elisabetto Necchio

    Born in 1972 in Como, she has a degree from the Fine Arts Academy in Brera, Milan. She's worked in fashion and interior design as a print and fabric designer. Her knowledge of hand made paper making has opened up new experimental paths for her, creating innovative artistic solutions.

  • Lucrezia Bieler

    Born in Switzerland and a student at Zurich University, where she got a degree in Illustration Sciences. She then moved to America where she currently lives, dedicating her artistic career to the art of paper cutting.


Direttore/Director - Emiliano Galigani
Direttore Artistico Outdoor/Outdoor artistic director - Bicolas Bertoux
Curatore/Indoor Curator - Giacomo Pecchia
Direttore Artistico Design/ Design artistic director - Claudio Cammarata
Referente Fun - Elena Bravi
Coordinatore/Project manager - Federica Moretti
Marketing and social media manager - Beatrice Attanasio & Angelita Privitera
Photo & Video - Alessandro Casalini
Direttore Tecnico/Tecnical manager - Emilia Rosi
Uffico stampa/Press - Ab Studio

Event organized thanks to:
Comune di Lucca; Fondazione Cassa di Risparimio Lucca; Ds Smith; Comieco; Funder35;
Sponsor tecnico
RemiGroup; Smurfit Kappa; LibertyRentals;
Ministero dell'Ambiente e della tutela del territorio e del mare; Provincia di Lucca; Ordine degli architetti di Lucca; Camera di Commercio di Lucca;

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