How take part in Cartasia

Cartasia promotes sculptors, painters, actors, musicians and performers to present their candidacies.

"Call for artists" are 3:

  • Sculptors - Contest call

  • Visual artists - Indoor Exhibits call

  • Performers (actors, musicians, etc) - Performing Events call


Cartasia promotes each edition the production of monumental installations in paper, cardboard and derivatives


Among all the projects submitted will be chosen from 6 to 10 installations, that will be realized in Lucca during the event.

The winner will receive a money prize of € 2,000.00


CONTEST Call for Artist


If you are a visual artist (paintings, installations and sensitive environments and interactive sculptural forms, site-specific art, video art and digital art), a musician or a performer you can contact us to take part in the various events of the Biennial.

The Organizing Committee will evaluate your applications.

PERFORMING EVENTS -  Call for Artists

INDOOR EXHIBITS - Call for artists

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