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Fashion, together with art, is one of the creative sectors in which research on materials is always taken to extremes.The constant push to overcome the limits and to identify new textile structures has led designers to the experimentation and use of unusual materials such as paper!


This is why Lucca Biennale decided to include, within its sections, a special stage for Fashion, for all creative people who work on clothing and accessories made with the poor materials par excellence: paper and cardboard.

Lot of people are able to achieve very surprising results, managing to create shapes, designs and fabrics that do not seem possible. In other cases these materials are so malleable and ductile that they no longer look like paper, turning into real pieces of haute couture!


During the 2021 edition the Biennale wants to realize, in addition to the exhibition of the works, a real parade worthy of the largest fashion shows, we are waiting for you among our audience!










The 10th Edition of Lucca Biennale will be held for the first time in an odd year from August 1 to September 26, 2021.

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