Network Days


Network Days


For its ninth edition, Lucca Biennale organized the Network Days: 2 days of events, conferences, performances, screenings and refreshments dedicated to the world of Paper Art.

The Network Days were held on the 3rd and 4th August in the centre of Lucca, and welcomed artists, designers, architects, gallery owners, curators and other professionists of the sector. The perfect occasion for those looking to meet and engage with other art professionals, to acquire new knowledge and enrich their personal experiences.

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 palazzo ducale
The Network days took place starting from Friday 3rd August at 5:00 p.m. at the Museo della via Francigena, and Saturday 4th August at Palazzo Ducale.

Among the guests there were the artists exhibited at the Biennale, representatives of Sofia Paper Art Fest, IAPMA (International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists), China Design Centre e dell'Asian Pacific Design Federation.

The first day of Network Days talked about "Paper Art: boundaries and possibilities", with the participation of the Indoor artists of the Biennale (Paola Margherita, Gianfranco Gentile, Gianluca Traina, Manuela Granziol) and Edoardo Malagigi (professor at the Art Academy in Florence). With the mediation of Sigi Beare, the speakers discussed their techniques and the good and bad aspects of paper as a material.
The second conference spoke of the Design emergency project: how cardboard can be used in the design and architecture world to face current emergencies, discussed by  Nicolas Bertoux (international sculptor and designer) and Giusy Emiliano (representative of FAO). Nicolas Bertoux also presented his project "Pirouette": a cardboard tent that is foldable, transportable and cheap, to stimulate a discussion on current housing emergencies.

During the first day of the Network Days a moment of conviviality among the participants was held: an aperitif offered on the walls of Lucca, during which, between a glass of Prosecco and a local delicacy, the guests mingled, an opportunity to exchange experiences and contacts.

The first day concluded with a performance by Martina Zena: "Play Human", an audio visual perfomance that tells the story of life, from birth to death, through sounds, videos and the creation of eight monotypes.

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The second day of Network Days was held in Palazzo Ducale, where 3 conferences were held: the first of which was "Paper Art and monumental sculptures", a discussion between Outdoor artists (James Lake, Eu Tazé, Ankon Mitra, Kubo Novák) on the topic of the challenging dimensions of their paper works.riguardo alla sfida delle dimensioni delle loro opere in carta.

The conference "Is Paper Art the next big thing?" explored the current status of this art form, which are the events that currently showcase it and what will be its future, thanks to the participation of Emiliano Galigani (director of Lucca Biennale), Oskar Ho (director of Asia Pacific Designers Federation), Daniela Todorova and Todor Todorov (organizers of Sofia Paper Art Fest), Carin Reinders (organizer of CODA Paper Art), Nicole Donnelly and Anne Vilsboell (directors of IAPMA -  International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists).  


The Network Days concluded with the conference "Sound, performance and visual art", which explored the potential of paper involved in mixed media, thanks to the participation of Outdoor artists Dosshaus and Wu Wai Chung, Meng (representative of TIAC - The International Arts and Culture group) and Martina Zena (performance artist).







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