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In 2021 the Focus section of the Bienniale returns, with the wonders of Japan! One of the nations that contributed most to the development of paper as an expressive and artistic medium, the homeland of the origamis and of washi paper.

The section aims to dedicate a special focus on artists and works from Japan to provide a comprehensive look at the creative landscape of the country. Artists, architects, scholars and designers will be invited directly from the country of the Rising Sun to present in Lucca an exclusive selection of works and artworks related to the use of paper!

For the first time the Biennale will create a site-specific structure to give visitors a real immersive experience in Japanese culture. In particular, in the 2021 edition, the Biennale plans to build a pavilion made of cardboard, together with Japanese artists and architects, in which there will be a faithful reconstruction of a tea room.

We look forward to inviting you to discover it!






The 10th Edition of Lucca Biennale will be held for the first time in an odd year from August 1 to September 26, 2021.

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