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Performance is one of the most engaging and powerful means of expression that an artist can use. For Lucca Biennale it is particularly interesting to include artists in the program who express themselves through performance, in order to ensure that visitors will have an unforgettable experience.

Two performances were presented in 2018 at the inauguration of the Biennale: Play Human by Martina Zena and No People Boat by Gianfranco Gentile. This upcoming tenth edition will see five performers and their schedule presented down here!


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Ex Museo del Fumetto, Lucca

Casermetta di San Paolino, Lucca (Spit the Toad by  Elisabetta Bonuccelli).

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  • Davide Francesca


    Davide Francesca

    The bride in paper

    La The multidisciplinary training and the continuous multi-linguistic expressive research that contemplates the use and development of all levels of man, lead Davide Francesca to be a complete all-round artist. In 2005 he gave life to the performative works inspired by the sanda "Butoh" and in particular to the project "Le Passant Considérable", a project played between performing arts and sociology to enhance and read the urban context of the cities in which it is realized. Part of this project is the performance "The Paper Bride". Since 2007 he has been a director, set designer and costume designer for both opera and theatre and dance, with particular reference to the Ligurian territory. Since 2011 he has also dedicated himself to "Cake Design" to "Sugar Art" and to "Body Caking", performative art of decorating the body using the real ice.


    The bride in paper a is a performance by Davide Francesca born on the impressions of the Japanese Butoh dance. This dance, which is based on the slowness of the movements, leads the actor/dancer to cross the city and establish a relationship with the audience he casually meets. This allows him to deduce relationships between the various spaces crossed and between the various audiences that characterize them. In the "Performative Urban Survey" project, which allowed the artist to convey his interests in urban sociology, visual sociology and architecture, the spontaneous reactions of the public from which then deduce relationships between the different spaces crossed. This project is then channelled into "Le Passant Considérable", an installation experience of photos, audio and video that collect the public's impressions of all the performances made, including those of the artist Davide Dell'Osso.





    • Elisabetta Bonuccelli

    • Elisabetta Bonuccelli  

      Spit the Toad

      Elisabetta Bonuccelli is a designer and artist born in Turin, but temporarily resident in Milan, where she opened Unokostudio in 2014, a creative space dedicated to her paper projects. His vocation for the processing of paper, and in particular for origami, arose from a set of encounters, interpersonal relationships (such as the one with Luisa Canovi) and travels (the many he did in Japan were decisive) that gradually approached her atthe use of paper as a means of expression.


      Spit the Toad, people arrive at a specially set up space and are given a blank piece of paper and a pen. They are then invited to seclude themselves in the dedicated area and to write their fears and desires on the leaflet, freely and anonymously, with a particular focus on those that cannot be confessed, hence the name of the performance "Spit the Toad". Indeed, every person who writes the ticket is given an origami frog folded at the moment, as a form of receipt, as a reminder of the event. At the end of the performance, all tickets will be collected both digitally, for any future use and publications, and physically, to create a permanent installation.


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    • Jacobo Alonso

      Jacobo Alonso

      I, the Skin 

      Jacobo Alonso was born in Michoacán, Mexico in 1984. He graduated in Computer Systems at the UPAEP (Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebl) and then in Plastic Arts at the UABC (Public University in Mexicali). He participated in several exhibitions and his work was exhibited at the LA Art Show Contemporary Art Fair in Los Angeles CA. , the Biennial of Contemporary Textile Art in Portugal and the 16th International Tapestry Triennial in Poland. His work is part of the Bugatti-Segantini International Collection, the LUME Collection, the Bank of Mexico Collection and the Homeira Goldstein Collection, USA.


      I, the skin is the performance proposed by the Mexican artist Jacobo Alonso. Performance that relates the body and fire, two elements feared and desired: the flames, which are both awe and terror of their heat and their strength, and charm, for their colours and their liveliness. Thus, the body also has a dual aspect: the desire for living flesh and the fear of the inert body. The transience of a soft dance with a naked body imprinted on the soot gives life to shapes, impressions and traces, images as peaceful as they are disturbing, like the body and fire.



    • Keos


      Raw Vibes 

      KEOS DANCE PROJECT dance training and production centre directed by Stefano Puccinelli, active in training and production for seventeen years, is recognized in Tuscany as one of the most relevant realities in the sector and a landmark for those who want to undertake the study of dance at all levels, whether classic, modern/contemporary or street / urban. For some years KEOS DANCE PROJECT proposes its dancers/performers, collaborates with important studios that make music videos for the most famous Italian singers. KEOS DANCE PROJECT will turn into DANCEMOD Studio Complex moving in September 2021 to the new MARCO POLO SPORTS CENTER in Viareggio.


      Stefano Puccinelli trained as a classical dancer with Renato Fiumicelli and later with Elsa Piperno, a significant exponent of the Graham method in Italy. Then in London, in some important international centres, he learned contemporary techniques and modern jazz / lyrical. Parallel to his professional activity as a dancer, he deepened his studies in hip hop and its contaminations, in street jazz and physical theatre with some of the best exponents of the world scene. His activity as a choreographer finds the first important confirmation in having been among the finalists of the Prix Volinine, a prestigious international choreography award held in Paris under the aegis of UNESCO and the French Ministry of Culture. As a choreographer, he participates in numerous national and international festivals and sector television programs. For several years he has been developing his work in the field of research and choreographic experimentation with Keos Dance Project, of which he is the founder, obtaining important consents in the European context. He is also a member of the International Council of Dance - UNESCO. Among the latest creations, there are projects/performances for international brands such as Jaguar, Land Rover Italia and Warner Bros Entertainment Italia.


      In an imaginative space with a crepuscular glow, a large box with translucent paper walls extends around itself four stalks of evanescent light. Words, embryos of thoughts tear the paper placenta, now they are human beings half-naked and exposed to the light, narrating with the body what generated them.



    • Martina Zena

    • Martina Zena 

      Frequencies of Gesture - Three studies about gesture, sound and trace 

      Martina Zena is an all-around Italian artist. Today she stands out especially in the field of visual arts and performance. She is constantly looking for new experiments to apply her creativity. She is therefore a multidisciplinary performer always in evolution and exhibits her works in numerous Italian galleries.


      Sprinkle ink on a flat surface, then she places a sheet of paper on it. Then, in time with electronic music that accompanies the entire performance, Martina Zena presses different objects and artistic tools on the sheet, creating abstract shapes and designs. When the sheet of paper is then turned upside down, the result of this operation is manifested: the imprint of the tools, with their different shape, create fantastic figures and compositions of ink on paper.

      A project by: FOG Triennale Milano Performing Arts Performance, live drawing: Martina Zena Interaction and sound design: Andrea Giomi Physical computing: Samuele Albani With the support of: Ariella Vidach AiEP (Bando NAO Crea), Performance Lab (Université Grenoble-Alpes) The artist thanks: Fattoria Vittadini, ExAlge and Kokoschka Revival





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    The 10th Edition of Lucca Biennale will be held for the first time in an odd year from August 1 to September 26, 2021.

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