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Fear always played an important role: guiding us, as individuals, but also drawing men kind's history, at its full potential.
Within fear, humans understand how to recognize their limits, choosing whether to challenge them or giving in to them. Sometimes fear compromises experience of new emotions, sometimes it becomes a survival instinct, like a guardian angel.
Can fear be a synonym of preservation but also growth? Can it be a limit, but also a starting point for development? Can desire assist fear when it becomes a limit? Can desire become an excess that fear has to stop?

Desire is though necessary, and it embodies the fundamentals of inspiration. Desire is motivation, movement, search for pleasure. Even if with a generally positive sense, desire hides a dark side; desires- if real or induced – can reshape aspirations, perspectives, the future of men and contemporary society.

"Fear and Desire" is the theme that will be leading all events and all exhibitions of the 10th Edition of Lucca Biennale, nevertheless a concept on which artists, performers, designers and architects will be called to reflect, to talk about art and society, through their art works.

At the end of May, the Biennale will present TWO CONTEST NOTICES to concur for the sections: Outdoor Exhibition - Indoor Exhibition.

Artists, Performers, Designers, architects, will be able to participate at these contests. The selected artist will exhibit their art work in August and September 2020 in the Biennale exhibitions, set up in places of historical and cultural significance. For the outdoor contest, it is laid out an artist residency, through out the realization of the art work, andwhere all travel, accommodation, materials and technical assistance costs are covered.

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