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Seven were the final artists of this edition: Lorenzo Bergamini, Giacomo Zaganelli, Kamila Karst, Giulia Giovannoni, Fabio Arrabito, Emily Nelms Perez, Laura Pirro (winner of Cartasia Academy Contest, in collaboration with Chiara Pirro & Giulio Mandrillo or "ddum Studio").

The theme chosen for this edition is: Liquid Identities. A combination of two words that are the mirror of contemporary society and the individuals belonging to it. We are bombed every day by informations influencing our way of thinking and living. On a global scale this is also involving the political and economic scale. We live in a century in which our identity is undermined by a constant sense of personal dissatisfaction and lack of understanding of the reality surrounding us. We feel small in a big world and in perpetual race to gain development and success.

Let's stop for a minute. Does it all makes sense?

Biennial of Contemporary Art – VII EDITION
June 28th / August 2nd 2014


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    Lorenzo Bergamini


    Title: Take care

    Material: White paper, cardboard, cardboard tubes, iron base

    Concept: The installation represents trees in their youth 

    Site: Piazza San Frediano (historical center).

    A group of sculptures representing young trees assisted during the growth phase. The tree captures multiple symbologies, different cultures and historical period, an example is the religious significance of the tree that sees the connection point between space and ground sacred dimension; or it is considered a symbol of life itself, in particular the evolution and flux.

    "Personally, I intend this work as a kind of Zen practice, a real alchemical ritual aimed at making the material used, aesthetically, in its structural form."

    Lorenzo Bergamini


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    Giulia Giovannoni


    Title: Ovile

    Material: Paper & wood

    Site: Porta San Pietro (Lucca – Historical center)

    In this work animals are intended as a pure instrument of communication between man and nature. Combined in this concept paper as a means of expression and preservation of knowledge, keeper of thoughts and reflections, testimony of the human being and its history. The theme "Identity and cash equivalents" is reflected in the concept of the eternal renewal of spirit and matter, offering a starting point for reflection on the nature and on individuals.

  • KAMILA KARST - Kataphraktos

    Sculture Outdoor2014 00008

    Kamila Karst


    Title: Kataphraktos

    Material: Cardboard

    Site: Loggiato di Palazzo Pretorio - Piazza San Michele (Lucca – Historical center)

    The horses structure gets its inspiration from the industrial architecture and from the narrative tradition of the hellenic tradition.


  • EMILY NELMS  - Solidified

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    Sculture Outdoor2014 00013

    Emily Nelms Perez


    Title: Solidified

    Material: Cardboard

    Site: Piazza Anfiteatro (Lucca – Centro storico)

    “Solidified” documents the active transformation of a liquid and hectic lifestyle into a solid and fierce form. The wolf serves is a symbol of remembrance for the foundation of the Roman Empire. Romulus’ and Remus’ survival was dependent on the solid she-wolf that nursed them. The she-wolf depicted has chosen to abandon liquid life and embrace her permanent focused form.

  • FABIO ARRABITO - Identità Sommerse

    Sculture Outdoor2014 00014

    Fabio Arrabito


    Title: Submerged identities

    Material: Cardboard and wood

    Site: Piazza San Martino (Lucca – Historical center)

    The artworks consistes in a reproductin of a relic. The relic belongs to our modern society. 


    Sculture Outdoor2014 00003

    Giacomo Zaganelli


    Title: Motus

    Material: Cardboard tubes

    Site: Piazza San Francesco (Lucca – Historical center)

    The sculpture aims to speak about the "point of view" concept. Infact the sculpture can be seen frontal as a circle, but the spatial dimension gives different lenght and significance to the installation and to the viewer. The sculpture is therefore continuously changing, in a perpetual transformation, that only convering the 360° view can be fully appreciated. 

    Sculture Outdoor2014 000017

  • LAURA PIRRO - Orizzonti Fluidi

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    Sculture Outdoor2014 00016

    Laura Pirro (Fuori Concorso)


    Title: Fluid Horizons

    Material: Cardboard

    Site: Piazzale Arrigoni (Lucca – Historical center)

    The usual surfaces gives space to the Mobius tape, an unique surface that is both internal and external. One face, one border, a fluid box that bends the horizon in a spatial liquidity. The interactive space becomes a window on the world, a point of reflection, a photograph that frames modern times.

Curated By

Organizer: Associazione Culturale Metropolis

Artistic Director: Nicolas Bertoux

Executive Management: Emiliano Galigani

Production: Federica Moretti

Press & public relations: Martina Angeli

Technical Director: Cinzia Landucci

Web site management:

Photographs by Guido Mencari


Comune di Lucca, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca, Regione Toscana.

Technical Sponsor , Ds Smith, Smurfit Kappa, Camera di Commercio Lucca

In collaboration with

Bagni di Lucca Art Festival, Oondesign, Ubik, Opera delle Mura

Media Partner

Dì Lucca - canale 89, Econote, Lucca in, Il tirreno, L'aperitivo illustrato, Note,


Provincia di Lucca, Comune di Lucca, Ministero dell’ambiente e della tutela del territorio, Ministero dei Beni e delle Attività Culturali, Ordine degli architetti, Assindustria Lucca

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