Cartasia 2012

 The theme chosen for this year was: Crisis and Rebirth. In the historical period in which we live, in which the economic and social crisis reigns, the art is called to rescue the man and his spirit...

Biennial of Contemporary Art – CrisiS and Rebirth
 June 30 / July 29  2012

Seven, one out of competition, were the artists of this edition: Stefania Giannici, Zsuzsa Horvat (in collaboration with Zoltan Lakatos), Inés Hubacher (in collaboration with Marianne Meienhofer) Wioland Jerome (aka Chifumi), Andrea Marciano ( in collaboration with Madeleine Vidale), Mikl Wells, Andrew Scott (out of competition).

The theme chosen for this year was Crisis and Rebirth. In the historical period in which we live, in which the economic and social crisis reigns, the art is called to rescue the man and his spirit. In artistic creation is researched the change, the expression of a movement of revolt, the input to change.



  • CHIFUMI - Omicidio

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    Wioland Jerome, alias Chifumi, is a street artist. He was born in Colmar (Francie) and he lives, studies and works in Paris.


    Title: Murder

    Material: Paper

    Concept: The installation consists of a design carried on a wall with paper and glue

    Site: Piazza del Carmine (centro storico).

    The drawing represents the Sign of Clasped Hands, that symbolizing the attachment to traditionalism of the street art and the tatoo on the hands speaks of aesthetic violence of this movement.

    "I work in the street and I'm a street artist. This kind of expression is regulated by many codes and rules of hip-hop culture. I use this kind of moral expression and its aesthetics in order to show the absurdity of continuing to see art by the old academic rules. " Chifumi


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    Stefania Giannici was born in Villafranca di Verona in 1980. Begin to develop their own creative process through the creation of earrings and necklaces made of paper, gold and silver decorations and environment installations in which paper is the protagonist.


    Title: Afasia

    Material: Paper and wood

    Site: Piazza San Frediano (Lucca – Historical center)

    Concept: Based on the term aphasia, the artist presents a work that creates an analogy between the description of a change of language and any process of crisis. The installation consists of about 70 hexahedral paper and about 10 modular balls of paper, and developed according to a concentric model, symbolizing a journey of soul searching.



  • ZSUZSA HORVATH - Le Onde di Calypso

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    Zsuzsa Horvath was born in Sobron, in Hungary. She's an architect and an interior designer.


    Title: Waves of Calypso

    In collaboration with: Zoltan Lakatos

    Material: Corrugeted cardoard

    Site: Piazza San Salvatore (Lucca – Historical center)

    Concept:The various layers of the artist's concept symbolizing the passage of time, a time when crisis and rebirth alternate as in the legend of the Odyssey. Ulysses was for a time held captive by Calypso on her island, and then he finally resume its journey to the sea. 

    "I love to point out that everything in the environment is connected, and I work on the whole system to find a balance. Whether it is the attitude of a city, a 'work of architecture or interior design or fine arts. I'm always looking for new ways to express the unbroken continuity and flow. "

    Zsuzsa Horvath



  • INÉS HUBACHER  - Il Teatro della Vita

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    Inés Hubacher was born in Zurigo where she gradueted at the School of Fine Arts and where she lives and works today. To her credit many solo exhibitions of paper and visual art.


    Title: The Theatre of Life

    In collaboration whit: Marianne Meienhofer

    Material: Corrugeted cardboard

    Concept: The artist emphasizes the steady shift from crisis to revival using words, light and shadow. A wall of cardboard with words carved on the two terms of crisis and rebirth. On sunny days, the wall casts a shadow on the floor, which moves with the sun, and the light filters through the words cut on shaded area.

    Site: Piazza San Francesco (Lucca – Historical Center)

  • ANDREA MARCIANÒ - Organica

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    Andrea Marcianò was born in Ponte San Pietro (Bergamo) in 1988.He gives particular attention to nature and its forms, which he observes and elaborates looking for a new balance.


    Title: “Organic”

    In collaboration whit: Maddalena Vidale

    Material: Cardboard and tubes

    Site: Piazza Cittadella (Lucca – Historical Center)

    Concept: Based on the concept of crisis and rebirth, Marcianò creates an installation inspired by the shapes and concepts expressed by nature itself. Organic structures composing the sculpture will relate with the public by involving and inviting people to enter physically inside and touch it, stimulating interest and imagination.


    Andrea Marciano speaks about his work:

    "Today people talk of crisis all the time, the economic crisis at first. But are we really sure that the crisis is actually "economic" and not cultural? I think we are losing the values sight ​​that induce the culture of man, apparently you think too little of the material and the spiritual value that permeates. To recover from this crisis should recapture the spirit, the noble soul of man. Nature has always been accompanied by reaching out and reproaching them for too many mistakes, but it's always been there, ready. I think it's a good starting point to be silent to listen. I reworked my attention to forms and concepts expressed by nature and this project was born: "Organic". These organic structures will relate with the public involving and inviting people to enter physically inside and touch, stimulating interest and imagination. It is important to reflect on the value that the paper can have for people especially now, in a time of crisis, and it is from respect for this and other important materials that we should start to dream "

    Andrea Marciano

  • MYKL WELLS - Bucaneve - (VINCITORE)

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    A multifaceted artist, a lover of monumental art.Born in Beloit, Wisconsin (USA).He lives and works in Tucson, Arizona.


    Title: Snowdrops

    Material: Cardboard and wood

    Site: Porta San Pietro (Lucca – Historical Center)

    Concept: A head upside-down from which sprout leaves and flowers snowdrop to symbolize a new idea of rebirth

  • ANDREW SCOTT - Black Man Grove: Resilienza - (FUORI CONCORSO)

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    Andrew Scott is coordinator of the sculptur departement at the Savannah College of Art and Design (Georgia). He designes and produces many works of puplic art in the USA. He uses cardboard as main material in his works.


    Title: Black Man Grove: Resilience.

    Material: Cardboard

    Site: Piazza San Michele (Lucca – Historical Center)

    Concept:The work combines the essence of the tree of mangrove to anthtropomorphic abstraction using an hybrid human form, aimed creating a metaphor symbolizing the rebirth and the resilience of nature and human spirit in face of crisis and adversity.

Curated by

Organizer: Associazione Culturale Metropolis

Artistic Director: Nicolas Bertoux

Executive Management: Emiliano Galigani

Press and Public relations :Eva Guidotti

Technical Director:Emilia Rosi

Comunication and web site  management:

Photographs by Guido Mencari

With the help of:

Regione Toscana (Project Toscana in Contemporanea 2011)

Comune di Lucca, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca, Fondazione Banca del Monte di Lucca

Technical Sponsor

Fondazione Ragghianti, Kappa Packaging, Ordine degli Architetti della Provincia di Lucca, Sistema Ambiente, ICP, Parkpre Bicycles, Prismanet

Sponsor and Collaboration

Provincia di Lucca, Comune di Lucca, Comune di Capannori, Ministero dell’ambiente e della tutela del territorio, Ministero dei Beni e delle Attività Culturali


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