Cartasia 2004

The artistic director Nicolas Bertoux make for the first time a paper installation...

Cartasia – Art Space

In the first edition the artistic director Nicolas Bertoux wish'd to experience the response of the material in projecting and building a monumental installation made with paper materials: Labyrinth. The paper sculpture symbolizes, in a stylized manner, the city of Lucca. The installation has been created by tracing out the typical urban layout of an ancient Roman town; the two main streets were used as references to build the whole town. The medioeval towers, steeples and turrets of the ancient era are reproduced here using the paper rolls such as bricks, and finally the corrugated cardboard that immediately recalls the outline of the urban walls, the lanes and alleys of the old town center.



  • Photographic Exhibit: "Remote Future" by David Sani

  • Documentary: "Paper histories" Metropolis production

The exhibit "Remote Future" was staged in the prestigious setting of Villa Bottini in Lucca: through the photographic exhibition, the creator David Sani wanted to show a doc. about paper history, the different ways to produce paper, what types of machinery were used, the variety of uses, the widespread achieved over the years in this area, the effects on the populations: in short terms, everything about the union between Lucca and paper.

The video doc Paper histories, projected along with the photo exhibit Remote Future. Through some video interviews, "Paper Histories" highlighted the memories of those who worked in the paper industry and the historic route of paper, which began around 1300.

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