Cartasia 2007

Exhibitions and events under the sign of the theme:Interculture...

Cartasia reached its third edition in 2007. From this year on, the organizing committee will choose a main theme that will inspire the participants in the international competition and all the artists involved in the events.

The theme in 2007 was: interculture.

In 2007 the festival was structured as follows:

1. International competition of sculpture and installations in paper and cardboard (special attention to materials derived from recycled)

2. Open-air exhibition of works

3. Collateral Exhibitions

4. Cultural events and performing activities (dance, theater, music, readings ...)

Installations in race

 Here's the ideally pattern of installations. It can begin from Capannori - Piazza Aldo Moro in which there was the work The four elements by Nicoletta Boris, to Porcari, where was set up the work of the French artist Pierre Pitrou Sailing, away from Villa Basilica which housed Islands Dancing in the Air of the Japanese Hiroaki Ashara. Arrived in Lucca, in Piazza San Salvatore, there was Pyramid, of the Russians Natalia Petrova and Alexei Petrov and towards the center, in Piazza del Giglio, Eolic trees of another Italian artist, Emanuela Camacci. In the extraordinary Piazza Anfiteatro Equivalences of the Swiss artist Patricia Muller, and in Piazza Cittadella Surface of the English Richard Sweeney.

Events and exhibitions

In the 2007 edition was held, at the TobaccoFactory in Lucca, the exhibition Impression of Paper which had inside various personal exhibitions: Frisoni, a young painter from Emilia Romagna careful to research on light and color, research that has led him, in recent times, to try their hand at painting in black and white on paper; Adam Modesto, brilliant sculptor which works entirely of cardboard (reliefs, assemblages, box-sculpture...); the eclectic painters Pavel Kapic and Cécile Defforey, whose subjects are represented on raw paper; Nicoletta Boris, a versatile artist who painted of cellulose; the photographer Alyssia Lazin Kapic, which prints his poetic views also on cellulose; Alessandro Giuliani and David Sani, two originals, using various photographers of Lucca.

At Fondazione Lazzareschi in Porcari there was the exhibition Trends Paper: starring Caterina Crepax, designer and sculptor, along with Clizia Ornato and Angela Simone.

Caterina Crepax creates paper dresses, using mostly waste material. Many of her dresses are made with receipts, invoices, envelopes, cards, sheets of rice paper and fine papers of all kinds, which are the essence and substance of his original and poetic creations.

Angela Simone and Clizia Ornate are among the most famous and brilliant designers of jewelry and fashion items made from paper. The exhibition featured many of their works, from necklaces made with vintage boxes of chocolates in a heart shape with bracelets made with postal stamps, African rings with the seeds of playing cards, earrings made of recycled paper or paper from origami, the pearls made with different cards more then ready to join in baroque necklaces, minimal, or ethnic background.

In Palazzo Comunale di Capannori, Cartasia presented the exhibition Paper and characters, thirty-five shots of Enzo Cei, to tell - with the incisiveness of its black and white - the paper cycle, from production to recycling.

Exiting from the ideal path, which has as its theme the paper have been set up some parallel exhibitions of contemporary artists who express themselves with materials and the most usual and "traditional" techniques, such as painting on canvas and sculpture.

At the Gallery Shop 27 has exposed the original figurative sculptor Simone Gelli.

At the Cafe Restaurant San Colombano, in the splendid setting of the walls of Lucca, the Cameroonian artist Marina Ngah Ondigui has exhibited his oils, whose subjects are faces and places of her land, while at the bar Baricentro, in the historical center, the abstract painter Glauco Guidotti, has set up his own exhibit.

And then, in the calendar of events Cartasia 2007: a series of literary lectures at the Tobacco Factory, 3 theatre workshops with teachers nationally acclaimed and a series of concerts starring the students / musicians from the School of Music Jam Lucca.

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