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Anteprima Cartasia presents Cartasia 2010...

In 2009 the Cartasia Preview announced: "Cartasia 2010 Biennial of Contemporary Art" (June 19-July 18 2010).

In 2009 the Cartasia Preview announced: "Cartasia 2010 Biennial of Contemporary Art" (June 19-July 18 2010).

Creativity as a renewable resource, theme that took shape through Stefano Giovacchini's artistic work "Diamonds" that was settle in Piazza Anfiteatro in Lucca.

Into the Municipality of Porcari was placed a sculpture by Enzo Iorio Let's talk about work that rapresented the book as a symbolic structure of culture and creativity.

The relevant event of Cartasia Preview was the promotion of "Giri di Parole", conceived and promoted by the Culture Department of the City of Porcari: inspired from the idea of the book-crossing, the project consists in the circulation of books in the urban environment so that they can be found and read by all citizens. More than thirty recycled cardboard exhibitors placed on territory: the user can take the books and then return them, lend, or even bring new ones in the various distribution points.

The common thread that unites Cartasia in Giri di Parole was paper, in this case the books, that stand for as a means of propagation of culture.

In Lazzareschi Foundation in Porcari took place a programm of litterary meetings and the performance Meta-morphosis: Act I of Metropolis theater company.

By creating a common thread with the sculptural installation by Enzo Iorio, presented in the square next to Fondazione Lazzareschi, the show was linked to the themes of Preview Cartasia through the performative language.

Inspired by the "Metamorphoses" of Ovidio the performance is the first result of a theatrical research that using the reading of Ovidio's Metamorphoses to investigate the essence of individual identity and its flow of mutation in space / time / place. A journey through the existence that reflects the themes of Ovidio's work such us sensuality, spirituality but also the alienation, violence and domination of power.

Dreamlike and surreal scenes with poor and essential elements to give space to the archetypal language of the body.

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