Cartasia 2010

Play, creativity and ecology in Lucca...


Cartasia 2010: Play, Green, Creativity 

Biennial of Contemporary Art   June 19 – July 18  2010

Installations in race:

1. Alessandra Cornflower (Italy) Turbine

2. Chebykin Alexey (Russia) Infinity of Creativity

3. Alexander Lidagowsky (Ukraine) Transition

4. Stefano Pilate / Barbara Bertuccelli (Italy) Ed_era carta

5. Enzo Iorio (Italy) Let's talk it about!

6. Alice Visin (Italy) Old newspapers ... news!

At La Cavallerizza, in the center of Lucca, four exhibitions of Cartasia 2010: Dreams Dress by Paper by Caterina Crepax, Cuts by Hemmes, Timeless rituals by Anna Onesti and the Collective Amateras (Sofia, Bulgaria)

In Lazzareschi Foundation was presented a solo exhibition Caughing Light and Air, by Hiroaki Asahara.

The washi paper - the ancient Japanese paper handmade - takes shape in the work of Asahara. It was born by chance, from the manual dexterity and intellectual artist who finds in the paper a vehicle by which to express your mood and emotions. Vibrating surfaces where the eye is caught in infinite paths of the look: attaches to the detail of a wrinkle that hidden layers and tensions of the underlying material, then tap gently with a fragile swelling or seeps into a crack that seems to open a passage outward looking mysterious, a space to imagine.

Simple and elegant forms, with rhythm and lightness, are able to cross the barriers of the language to create a poetic dimension of silence suspended, of lights and shadows, of fleeting moments.

In addition to the exhibition of Asahara, the Foundation has hosted a series of events and literary meetings in collaboration with Giri di Parole, conceived and promoted by the Culture Department of the City of Porcari.

At Agora Center in Lucca, was set the happening-installation Cathedrals of Federica Ricotti. Ricotti's sculptures, made of natural fibers and paper, are inspired by some iconography traced in pottery decorations of Gothic and Romanesque cathedrals, the end result is modern and different. These are works whose vision is strongly influenced by light, which must be able to play with corrugated surfaces, uniformly white but brought to life by the play of shadows. Accompanied by wise light and sound, her works lead the viewer to look up, in an intimate journey into the sense of the sacred.

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