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Art is a mental fact whose physical realization can be entrusted to any means.

(Munari 1996)



Lucca Biennale, on each edition, organizes workshops, laboratories and days dedicated to the paper craft art.
The tenth edition of the event, which will be held between August 1st and September 26th, 2021, wants to emphasize even more the importance of this material that is part, increasingly, of our daily life.


Art has a strong capacity to generate emotions and suggestions that leave indelible marks in the growth or education of a person, for this reason the Biennale aims at the organization of workshops (meetings of 3 to 7 days usually held by artists, for adults with experience in the arts); labs (meetings of 1 to 2 consecutive or detached days aimed at a wider audience even without artistic experience as children or teenagers); large entertainment events in the squares; that have paper as a fil rouge to raise awareness, transmit the thousand uses of this material 100% recyclable and to discover how each person can find his way to communicate ideas or emotions through the handcrafting realization of paper works.


Fun, education and sustainability awareness are the three key words of these events.


These days are dedicated to artistic education and sustainability, through the teaching and demonstration of paper processing techniques, from the simplest to the most complex.

 Make the public discover the importance of paper and cardboard reuse, giving a second life to a material daily used, thanks to the creative flair and inventive spirit.



Do you use paper to give life to your ideas?

Do you carry out educational workshops with paper?
Are you an artist and want to teach your paper art making technique?
Do you use paper to transmit values and entertain?

 Send us your proposal, the staff of Lucca Biennale will carefully evaluate each idea to realize workshops, events and labs for the next edition of the Biennale, the largest event in the world of Paper Art & Architecture.



 Artists, educators, associations, cooperatives, companies and public institutions can propose their project idea.


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