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Martina Zena - Play Human

3rd August 2018 - Museo della Via Francigena

Martina Zena has made multidisciplinarity as peculiar characteristic of her own artistic training and expression. Graduated in painting and obtained the Master in Graphic Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, in 2015 she obtained a scholarship for the Editorial area of Fabrica. She has exhibited her works and her performative projects in several Italian cities, including the Print Club in Turin and she has participated in the Splice Festival in London.


performance1log firma-min 
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The artist has contributed to Lucca Biennale presenting on August 3rd, during the Network days in the spaces of the Museum of the Via Francigena of Lucca, her audio visual performance entitled "Play Human".
This performative project tells the story of a life, from birth to the last act, through sounds, videos and the
creation of eight monotypes, or rather, images that are created by transferring a sign from a surface to a
piece of paper by pressing of a press or hands. The eight graphics are therefore born from the interaction between sign and sound, in a growing loop in which the boundaries between input and output are blurred.

Gianfranco Gentile - No People Boat

4th August 2018 - Palazzo Ducale

Trained in Florence at the Faculty of Architecture in the '70s, Gianfranco Gentile characterized the most recent part of his artistic production with the use of recycled cardboard as part of his artistic products.
For Lucca Biennale he performed on August 4th, the day of the inauguration of the festival, on one of his three works exposed at Palazzo Ducale.







For all "cartoons", the theme is migration, which in the fragility of cardboard reflects the condition of the people involved in the phenomenon, and as claimed by the artist, underlines "the "historical" link between this material and poverty."
The intervention on the work "No-People Boat", punctuated by the reading of a piece, saw the artist, with white paint, remove the faces of migrants, often condemned by the silence of society to a "non-life", depersonalizing them, as described by the title of the work itself.


More Cartasia




Our appreciation for paper as an art form isn't just limited to two months of events and exhibitions in Tuscany: Cartasia keeps on living through various inititatives. Such as the following:                   


After two months of exhibitions during the Biennale, the monumental sculptures keep on living, moving from the squares of Lucca to the underground passages inside the ancient walls that surround the city. It's a permanent exhibition alway open to the public, even as part of guided tours.



 The beauty of the sculptures is destined to overflow out of the city's walls and spread to international art centres. The art pieces of the Biennale are ready to be part of events, festivals, exhibitions and markets, in Italy and on an international scale: Cannes is among the cities touched by the Biennale.

Where next?


If you're interested in employing or purchasing, please contact the Biennale: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


2016 Edition

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2016 Edition

July 31 - September 10 | ART - DESIGN - TALKS - FUN

The eighth edition of the Biennale was a powerful creator of parallel universes: Art Outdoor. Art Indoor. Talks. Fun. The new entry for the 2016 edition was the Design section. Perceptive and sensory universes which you can explore, enjoy, and be influenced creatively.

Outdoor exhibition


International artists from all over the world are invited to Lucca in order to make monumental paper sculptures. These artworks are exhibited in the squares of Lucca for the month of the Biennial.

corretta indoor 16


An unmissable exhibition, unique in the world of contemporary art. Lucca is where a new artistic movement takes shape: Paper Art. The Indoor exhibition is set in the beautiful rooms of the Palazzo Ducale, with delicate pieces on the topic of the 2016 theme: Borders & Perspectives. An art form open to everyone, made of a material that has accompanied us every day since childhood.

corretta design 16


The Biennial will have a space dedicated to Design, inside a historical building of the city of Lucca. Design innovations will be the focus, along with development prototypes and interior design.

corretta talks 16


Designers, architects, universities and companies from all over Italy converge in Lucca to discuss and hold public talks about paper and design. 3 days open to the public audience about eco-sustaninability, use of alternative materials, innovation, new projects and more.

corretta fun 16


Lots of activities for adults and kids: creative labs planned and structured according to the Munari method, preceded by guided tours of the paper sculptures. Every Saturday in August open air activities will take place, aimed at discovering how much can be done with paper!




Performances, music events, the Notte Bianca and more, mixed with art and design exhibitions.




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