The Biennale

The Biennale

The cultural event of Lucca par excellence, every two years, discloses, develops and researches the relationship between art and territory. Lucca Biennale is a necessary event with strong local roots and an international approach that wonders, with an original perspective and medium, about issues that involve all of us. It seeks out a photograph of the contemporary surrounding, to make it to the audience of any age, taste and origin hoping to stimulate emotions, even contrasting ones, discussion and free thinking. 


Tradition, culture, innovation, sustainability: these are the key words to the Biennale, the biggest event in the world on Paper Art, Paper Design and Paper Architecture. The Biennale brings the city of Lucca to life during the summer months, creating open air and indoor exhibitions, monumental sculptures, architectures, conferences, workshops and many other events dedicated to the world of paper.

platform, an opportunity, place to meet and discover for hundreds of artists and thousands of visitors that take part in every edition of the Biennale. It's an initiative that offers the experience and discovery of the artistic and technological aspects of the traditional Lucca paper production, through a variety of events created for all kinds of visitors, from the art lovers to the curious that are searching for an alternative cultural experience.



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ex Museo del Fumetto - Piazza San Romano


T: +39 349 7123926

9Muse Impresa Sociale

T:+39 0583 928354


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