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 Koski (Finnish for "fast river") is a group of artists (Guy, Jacob, Julian and Henna) each one with different background.

Koski's performances are based on improvisation, on dance and on contortionism: each performance paired with music played by various instruments.



" A spectacular performance - I was mesmerised."

"Very emotional. Like a classic myth. FANTASTIC."

KOSKI is a collective of acclaimed international multidisciplinary artists that creates site-specific performance art pieces in varying locations and cultures.
Drawing upon the artists' broad background of physical, musical and visual art practices, their work celebrates and illuminates local people and their living environments.
The collective takes inspiration from the particular communities they've been invited to explore, creating performances that reflect their experiences back to the local people.
Their title work, "Koski", premiered in the Bagni di Lucca Art Festival in 2013, to wide acclaim. Created in an ancient cellar by the Lima River, "Koski" explores the complex relationships between humanity and environment, weaving rich music, imagery and spectacular physicality into a performance both powerful and poetic.

"Mesmerazing, Beautiful, Potent, & Fearful. "

"Absolutely gorgeous!! The show was reminscent of something surreal, untouched and poetic! Thank you. "

Guy Dowsett – composer, musician
Henna Kaikula – circus artist, dancer
Jacob Cartwright – composer, musician, photographer
Julian Renlong Wong- musician, dancer

Sound sculptures: Andrea Dami / Dress Sculpture: Sandro Dei Pistoia

Length of the performance: 40 minutes
Contains music, physical theatre, dance, hand-balancing and contortion.
Suitable for all ages, not aimed for small children

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Koski (in finlandese "fiume veloce") è un collettivo di artisti (Guy, Jacob, Henna) provenienti da diversi ambiti.

Le performance del collettivo Koski si basano sull'improvvisazione, sulla danza e sul contorsionismo: il tutto accompagnato da musica prodotta da diversi strumenti. Il loro "fare arte" si contraddistingue per l'attenzione nel captare i feedback che provengono dal pubblico presente. Il luogo e chi in quel momento lo abita sono elementi e suggestioni che gli artisti non possono trascurare al fine di trasformare l'esperienza in un viaggio significativo ed irripetibile.
Un continuo cambiamento che caratterizza fin dal nome questo gruppo di performers che rappresentano fiscamente la "liquidità" (tema di Cartasia 2014) del nostro vivere oggi.

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