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Pre-finalisti Outdoor per Cartasia 2018

21st February 2018 | Lucca

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The semi-finalists for the Outdoor Cartasia 2018 have been announced.

The Outdoor Jury commission's president is Nicolas Bertoux (artistic director of the Outdoor exhibitions at Cartasia Lucca Biennale, also a renowned sculptor and interiors architect), other members of the jury include: Emiliano Galigani (director of Cartasia Lucca Biennale), Federica Moretti (coordinator of Cartasia Lucca Biennale), Patrizia Stranieri (president of the Lucca Architect's association), Lorenzo Ricciarelli (main architect at LAD studio and council member of the Lucca Architect's association), Giuseppe De Leo (architect and city planner, vice president of the "Monteggori Arte" cultural association) and Cynthia Sah (award winning sculptor and founfer of Artco and ARKAD Foundation along with Nicolas Bertoux).

Among the many received applications, 26 semi-finalists have been chosen. The semi-finalists are obliged to present a feasability evaluation and a small scale model (minimum 1:20, preferably made out of cardboard) to be handed in by the 31st March 2018. Following the project presentation, out of the semi-finalists between 5 and 10 finalists will be chosen (and notified by the 31st May 2018), the finalists will receive an artist residency to create their piece during Cartasia Lucca Biennale 2018.

The feasability evaluation must adhere to the following guidelines and can be presented via e-mail or ordinary post:

  • List of materials employed in the art piece's construction: the projects must foresee a predominant use of paper materials;
  • Estimated costs (following indications in the rules and regulations of the Outdoor Call);
  • Time schedule for construction;
  • Construction process (required means, complexity of assembly);
  • 1 technical drawing of the art piece and its location in the city of Lucca (the organizing committee has the final decision regarding the art piece's location).

View the selected semi-finalists HERE.

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