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The 9th edition of the Biennale dedicated to art, design and architecture in paper and cardboard will take place between the 4th August to the 27th September


Among the new aspects are the spotlight on China and the presence of the most interesting paper artists on the international art scene

 conferenza stampa

The press conference that took place at Palazzo Ducale (in the photo: left, the director of the Biennale, Emiliano Galigani, on the right the Lucca town council member for culture, Stefano Ragghianti).

A lot of new details were announced during the press conference leading up to the next edition of the Biennale, which will take place between the 4th August and 27th September.

The first big new aspect of the ninth edition will be the change of name, from here on the event will be named "Lucca Biennale". "Lucca" symbolizes the  strong connection it holds with the city that hosts it, and its link with a region that has been producing paper and cardboard for centuries. The term "Biennale" underlines the artistic value that the event has held, occupying a relevant international position, confirming itself as a place for meeting and discussing important contemporary topics, new artistic movements and innovations, able to involve experts of the topic, art lovers, artists, designers and curious visitors.

With its new name, the Biennale will host a guest country every edition. The first guest will be China, land where paper was first invented in the I century A.D. In 2018 there will be a first focus involving talks, events and a showcase for chinese artists, thanks to the creation of a small architecture in cardboard. In 2020, thanks to a collaboration with Tongji University (Shanghai) and Tsinghua University (Beijing), a real cardboard building will be created that will host an exhibition dedicated exclusively to China.

This year, Lucca Biennale will also host two guest artists, recognized to be among the most interesting in the international art scene.

The British sculptor James Lake uses cardboard to build his pieces. Using the full expressive potential of this marerial, Lake cuts, manipulates and pieces toghether layers of packaging cardboard, creating sculptures of rare intensity. James Lake is to be admired for his artistic technique, his dedication to the material and his perserverance that has allowed him to overcome the limitations of his disability.

The other guest will be the Japanese artist Nahoko Kojima, one of the main representatives of paper art, who will create a commissioned piece for the Biennale. Kojima's threedimensional works are extraordinary examples of Paper Cutting, a technique that originates anciently in Japan, and that the young artist has taken to a maximum expression, exhibiting in the London Saatchi Gallery.

About 400 artists have taken part in 3 calls for artists, designers and architects created by Metropolis to select the works for Lucca Biennale 2018. The submissions arrived from literally all over the world. With over 2.000 square meters of exhibition space, the Art Indoor section of the Biennale presents the current state of Paper Art today. Starting this year, the exhibition is also open to other artistic expressions such as video art and film.

The monumental sculptures that make Lucca Biennale unique compared to other paper art events will be placed all over the city, and will once again transform it into an open air art gallery. The artists will be hosted in Lucca for about a month to create their works, as happened in 2016.

The design section was created in 2016 and welcomed visitors and professionals with enthusiasm. This section represents innovation, and in 2018 it has invited designers and architectures to deal with the topic of emergencies.


 modellino james lake

Model of James Lake's sculpture, that will be created in July and exhibited during the Biennale.


Among the Biennale programme there will be performances, events for kids and a three day networking and conference event involving artists, curators, critics, museum directors and members of art unviersities from around the world.

The complete programme, along with information about place and time will be available soon at .

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