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The volunteers are the life and soul of Lucca Biennale, which couldn't take place without them.

Being a volunteer at the Biennale means being involved in the organizing activities according to the necessity, but it also means a professional and personal growth, an opportunity to get to know art and those behind it, to make friends and contacts that will go beyond the conclusion of the Biennale as working experiences, along with having an incredible summer in the wonderful city of Lucca.

To take part in volunteer activities, we require that you've completed higher education, that you're over 18, that you speak Italian other than your foreign language, and that you're driven by a love for culture and new experiences.

Lucca Biennale offers the possibility to implement your passion for art and culture. Join the Lucca Biennale team now!


"I met really interesting people, it was stimulating and I had the opportunity to put myself out there in a new experience, such as cultural mediation."

"I fell in love with your project, with the idea of uniting tradition and innovation thanks to local resources, focusing on ethics, sustainability and content. I fell in love with your audience: attentive visitors, sensitive and open to listening and engaging."

"Being a Cartasia volunteer means entering an International art Biennale and slowly understanding how it works, its mechanisms, and finally being able to say, after a deep breath: "I was also part of it."

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Supported by the Lucca Biennale staff, you will be a point of reference for visitors at the Biennale, giving general information and details of the events. You will be a reference also in caso of events and conferences when it comes to hospitality of speakers and guests.



 Show your creativity and communication abilities, helping us create phots, videos, online materials, supported by our Biennale team, distributing and narrating the activities that will take place in the two months of Biennale.




After a careful preparation you will accompany the visitors in the exhibition, accompanying them and assisting them in discovering the Biennale.



All the initiatives that involve volunteers are carried with the Lucca Biennale staff, that will support the volunteer in their work, with the idea that a volunteer mustn't undertake any professional responsability.

The volunteer's role is not simply to substitute a professional paid figure, but for many social reasons it takes on a much more relevant and enriching meaning.

Other duties that the volunteers can take on are: supporting the creative labs; helping with the conferences and dealing with attendees; checking tickets and indicating the emergency exit in case of need; informing the general public about the programme; becoming the face of the volunteer campaign.

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Benefits and skills you'll acquire

All volunteers that lend their services are guaranteed:

 Volunteer kit (Lucca Biennale t-shirt and bag)
- Free access to the following edition of Lucca Biennale
- Insurance coverage
- Housing for those off-site

The volunteers will acquire skills and abilities in cultural event organizing, learning directly from the professionists involved. In some cases ut will be possible to work with international artists, taking part in conferences and meetings and being able to develop your abiliries of public relations and work management.

Work period & times

We respect your availabilty, for this reason we offer the possibility for you to split your period in case of particular necessities. The Organizers reserve the right to split the working period according to organizational needs.

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How to become a volunteer

To join our team and enjoy a summer full of culture and new experiences, you can submit your request via the form above, or by sending your cv via e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

We're waiting for you!


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