What does a White Page represent?

On the one hand, a blank page represents the possibility of a different future, of a dream that can come true, of an ambition, a different perspective and the possibility of an alternative to routine. A white page gives you the feeling of being able to draw a new, different, and better world. Endless possibilities.

On the other hand, a white piece of paper can represent the anxiety of it all, the negative possibilities, the unexpected implications and a leap into the unknown. The inability to act and the reality of being faced into an inevitable change, from which – despite being afraid, one cannot escape. 

A White Page is a bridge between the past and the future, an opportunity for free writing or the anguish of the unknown, the courage of making a choice or the loss of a comfort zone.


In April the Biennale will present TWO CONTEST NOTICES to concur for the sections: Outdoor Exhibition - Indoor Exhibition.
Artists, Performers, Designers, Architects, will be able to participate at these contests. The selected artist will exhibit their art work in August and September 2022 in the Biennale exhibitions, set up in places of historical and cultural significance. For the outdoor contest, it is laid out an artist residency, throughout the realization of the art work, and where all travel, accommodation, materials and technical assistance costs are covered.


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