Design 2016  Design 2016


An exhibition of objects made of paper and cardboard, that are innovative and experimental, exhibited in a showroom made especially for them, also built out of paper and cardboard. For the 2016 edition it was hosted in the Ex-Cavallerizza space, with 1500m of exhibition area, a place that historically represents Lucca and an example of the use of Italian art heritage.

The Design section is born from the need to capture our contemporary era; it completes and enriches the Biennale, highlighting the fact that the line between art and design is always getting finer, more transparent and undetectable. The key words for Cartasia Design are: ethics, aesthetics, manual skill, reusability, recycling, research, assembling, sustainability, contamination, craftmanship, emergency.

A place in which we search for emerging meanings and where the objects exhibited permit us to tell the stories of people and gestures that are hidden behind a creative process. Cartasia Design is the right pretext for a pleasant and constructive confrontation, it spreads awareness, creates intellectual enthusiasm, analyses and solves prejudices about the use of cardboard in our era.


  • 55100 Cardboard

    55100 Cardboard-min 55100 Cardboard2-min

  • Carton Factory

    Carton Factory-min Carton Factory 2-min

  • Caterina Crepax

    Caterina Crepax-min Caterina Crepax2-min

  • Chris Gilmour

    Chris Gilmour-min

  • Duna Design

    Duna Design-min Duna Design2-min

  • Eetico

    Eetico-min Eetico 2-min


  • Emiliana Martinelli

    Emiliana Martinelli-min

  • Fatti di Cartone

    Fatti di Cartone-min Fatti di Cartone 2-min

  • Generoso Design

    Generoso Design-min Generoso Design 2-min

  • Giacomo Solfanelli

    Giacomo Solfanelli 2-min Giacomo Solfanelli

  • Lessmore

    Lessmore Lessmore 2

  • Liceo Passaglia

    Liceo Passaglia  Liceo Passaglia 2

  • Nextmade

    Nextmade Nextmade 2

  • Nicolas Bertoux

    Nicolas Bertoux Nicolas Bertoux 2

  • Paolo Ulian

    Paolo Ulian Paolo Ulian 2

  • Sergio Gotti

    Sergio Gotti Sergio Gotti 2

  • Uashmama


  • E+

    E 2-min E-min

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